Why my kid doesn`t like to eat

Why my kid eat less

We must agree that we all have gone through this phase where we chase our kid to finish his plate. But doing so imposes a feeling that eating food is a penalty and the end result of this is that your child starts hating food.
It is quite obvious to feel guilty when your little one disagrees to eat food. Sometimes, we repeatedly give them their favourite food (thinking that they at least are eating it) but eventually they start hating that favourite food item too.
We must keep this thing in mind that kids do not starve. They will eat till they get full. The common mistake which parents do is that we stress in the quantity rather than the quality. Let them decide on how much they want to eat.

These are some tips to imbibe healthy eating habits:
• Make a schedule and follow it. Your child then starts expecting food at that particular time.

• Keep these schedules flexible.

• Listen to your child and understand the signals which he is giving. If he is dropping the food from his plate or refusing to eat, he might be full.

• Don’t bribe them with a dessert for completing the plate. This gives them an impression that food is a punishment and dessert is a reward.

• A family that eats together stays together. Cultivate this habit of sitting together at the dining table.

• Allow your child to eat on his own. You can start letting them do this with fruits and then can make them eat their lunch and dinner.

• Offer small portions at short intervals.

• Don’t punish them for skipping a meal. It’s okay to skip a meal sometimes.

• Ensure that you don’t allow your child to sip a cup of juice or milk before the meal time. This makes them full and reduces their appetite.

• Try to communicate with your child while eating food. We play a game where each of us has to tell his/ her favourite animal, bird, colour and so on.

• Don’t use mobile phones or video games while eating.

• Don’t stress too much on eating. Too much of encouragement can make them hate food.getty_rm_photo_of_baby_eating_from_spoon

• Many kids eat if they see their friends eating. Arrange for a play date where they can play together and share their food with each other.

• Cut down the junkies. However, it is okay to allow them to eat these junkies once in a while. But it should not be treated as an option to meal.

• Make cooking and eating interactive. Involve them in the whole process.

• Like I always say, you kiddo observes you the most. If you enjoy the food at the dining table, he too will enjoy it.

• Avoid short order cooking. This gives them an entirely wrong message. How many of you put down the food in mid of the meal and cook something that your child demands? In our house, I do it never!!! Cultivate the habit of eating the same food which the other family members are eating.

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