Things which parents should never say to their children

It was a busy Tuesday morning. I was late and in a rush. I had to cook, pack food, get my kid ready for school and yet remain calm. As usual, my son was wandering here and there, playing with his favourite toys instead of getting ready for school. That’s it I said and shouted at him. “Come out of your room and get ready fast”, were my words.

His eyes started tearing immediately. Those tiny little eyes were filled with sadness. Parents say so many things that leave children confused, angry or sad. Here are few of them that should be avoided:

  1. Big boys/ girls don’t cry:

A child cries when he is sad or afraid of something. When we say don’t be afraid or don’t behave like a baby, they suppress their feelings instead of expressing it the next time. Instead of making them feel that their emotions are not valid, acknowledge their feelings. Doing this will create a confidence about you in your child’s mind. Instead of saying “don’t be”, say I know you are afraid to enter the swimming pool but you have a float which will not let you drown.



  1. Leave me alone:

This is the worst thing to be told to a child. It is very true that every parent is stressed because of dual responsibilities of work and home and they need a break from all this, sometimes.  The harsh words “Leave me alone”, ‘I am busy” will make them feel neglected. This will create a rift between you and your children, as they will start feeling that there is no point in telling anything to you, as you are not going to listen it anyway. If you don’t listen to their petty things (which you feel are not important), they will not tell you even the major things in their life.


  1. You are so:

Stop labelling your kids as ugly, fat, lazy or whatever it is. Your child believes you the most. He/ she will start behaving the same way, thinking that it is in very nature and character to behave so. Even positive labelling can be detrimental sometimes. Praise your child only when he achieves something big. You need not say “great job” for every small task. Instead you can praise him for his dedication or his effort in a particular activity.


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  1. Do it or……:

Threatening children is yet another common mistake done by parents. This reduces their confidence and results in low self esteem. If you do any wrong in order to threaten them, this threat will leave a negative impact on his personality and if you do not do what you say, the threat will have no value.




  1. Don’t criticise others:

Your child is your follower. He will repeat what you say and what you do. If you don’t want your child to criticise others, you should stop doing that.


In short, do not say or do the things which you do not like to hear or see.try-new-things

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