How to prepare your child for preschool

Unlike me, my son is a social butterfly. He loves to make new friends and roam around. He loves to mingle with people. So its in easy for me to prepare my child for preschool despite basic things. When my neighbour’s daughter went to school, my son was excited and showed interest in going to the school.

Soon the day arrived, when it was my son’s first day to school. I was sure that he won’t cry. But things went in a reverse way. As soon as we entered the preschool, he clinged to me and started crying. He was not interested in any of the toys there and not even his new school friends. I stayed with him for the entire two hour session as I was not ready to leave him while he was weeping.1426

First day of school can be scary for both you and your little ones. Here are few tips for the first day of school:

  1. Don’t discuss about the school too much in advance:

Doing this might scare your child and make him more restless. They might feel this new venture to be something big and then they might try to escape from it. Instead whenever you are out with your toddler, speak few things about the preschool, like there is a cycle like this in your school, or your friend who stays in the next block is also coming to the same school.

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  1. Make a habit of separation:

Separation anxiety is the one that is taxing for you and your toddler. Make him understand that the school is only for a few hours and you will be there on time to pick him up. Leave your child with his friends or neighbours for some time. This will be like a practice for him.


  1. Lunch box and bag:

Get a new bag and a lunch box for your toddler. Let him choose a bag and the lunch box. This will make him feel excited about the school. Let him help you in packing the bag and the box. For the initial few days, let him eat the food of his choice. Later on a schedule can be made of what is to be given in the lunch box.



  1. Toilet training:

Make sure that before your child begins to go to the school, he is toilet trained. This will help to avoid the mishaps that occur due to lack of toilet training. Send him to school with an extra pair of clothes and a diaper.



  1. Answer his questions and make him feel secure:

Talk to your little one. Make him understand the preschool is a good place and assure him that he will have fun there. If possible take him for a tour to the school, where he can play for some time while you have a talk with the teachers.


  1. Keep the Good-Bye’s short:

We tend to linger around the school to get a glimpse of what’s going inside the school gate. The more we linger, more the children cry. Give him a hug, kiss him good bye and hand him to the teacher even if he is crying.



  1. Control your emotions:

It’s very important for parents to control their emotions in front of their kids. If you cry in front of them while dropping them to the school (Like I did), it will affect them adversely.


So stay calm and stay cool 🙂

So Let me know if you like my tips and suggestions on how to prepare your child for preschool….


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