Discipline,discipline,discipline…..baaaaah….the word that irritated me the most during my childhood.

I always questioned myself why everything be so organized…why on time? In fact most of time my parents seems to be my enemy. But as I grew I realized the real , yes real meaning and importance of discipline…actually positive discipline. And that’s what I want to put in my daughter but not by pressurizing….but by experiencing its importance. Discipline needs when your child misbehaves. So how to discipline your toddler/child. Some Tips for Practicing positive discipline.


Remember charity begins at home, how could I expect her not to misbehave if I never taught what good behavior is. We parents at 21st century want our children to win every race without realizing how it is going to affect our child. We all should question ourselves that how much quality time we are spending with our kids. Are we just physically present for them?

Children are copy cats……. 🙂


They act what we do…so rather than telling them what to do and what to not , just act….act what you want them to do. If you want your child to put garbage in dust bin, then you do that first. Very soon we will realize that our little efforts for our kids not only builds confidence in them but will boost self-esteem in long terms and developing new learning skills.

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With kids encouragement & boundations are equally important. And that we need to decide when to bound and when to encourage. Always remember you and your child are in one team so if your child wins so you are. Teaching them by becoming their friends will make your relationship stronger.Father and daughter relationship

Remember your child is not in a military camp where every task given has to be done perfectly.

They are just kids….if they do good just appreciate them, reward them, pat them…that will motivate them & they will realize its importance.

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