Do’s and Don’ts during Pregnancy

Being pregnant is the most beautiful thing in the world. This journey of you and your baby can become stress free and fun if you follow some basic rules. There are a few things which you need to completely avoid while there a few which you have to do without fail. Let us see some do’s and don’ts during pregnancy.




  • Visit your gynaecologist regularly and follow the instructions given by the doctor. Fix your antenatal appointments and get your scans done regularly.
  • Do mild exercises as exercising helps you maintain your weight as well as stay active during pregnancy.
  • Read books, listen music and involve yourself in the activities that make you happy. Remember, a happy mother gives birth to a healthy child.
  • Wear loose clothes that you are comfortable wearing.
  • Eat healthy food which includes small meals at regular intervals, milk, and fruits.
  • Drink coconut water as it is rich in electrolytes. It makes your skin glow.
  • Drink at least 3-4 litres of water a day.
  • Take iron and calcium supplements without fail.



While things to do can be counted on fingers, things not to be done are many in number.

  • Do not consume alcohol. Doing so can increase the complications in your pregnancy and can also lead to abnormalities in the baby. The alcohol crosses the placenta and your baby’s liver cannot process it as fast as your liver.
  • Do not smoke during pregnancy. Smoking is not only bad for the baby but for you too! It leads to problems like premature deliveries, low birth weight and Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
  • Avoid exposure to chemicals that are harmful to you and your baby’s health. These chemicals come from packaged food and drinks, pesticides and cleaning products.
  • Do no consume tea or coffee in excess as it contains caffeine which is harmful for your baby. Drink fruit juices and coconut water instead. Too much of caffeine can increase the chances of miscarriages and also result in low birth weight.
  • Do not lift heavy objects as it may cause stress and unnecessary complications.
  • Do not take medicines before consulting your gynaecologist.
  • Do not expose yourself to the harsh sunlight.
  • Also you need to avoid the x-rays as it may be fatal for your baby. Even dental x-rays can be harmful.
  • Cleaning cat litter is also a big no no when you are pregnant. Cat faeces carry a parasite that causes toxoplasmosis, an infection that can be fatal to your baby.

Reading this do’s and don’ts list may make you feel that after being declared as pregnant, all your activities will be stopped and you will be forced to lie on the bed all the time. But that’s not so. Relax, enjoy and continue doing your daily routine. Eat whatever you feel like eating but in moderation. Everything in moderation is allowed.

The most important thing in pregnancy is to stay happy.