Does your child hate milk? Why my kid doesn`t like milk

It was and is still believed that drinking milk is healthy. You might have seen children who gulp down the entire bottle or entire cup of milk in no time. But there are some kids like that of mine who hate milk. They would prefer to starve rather than sipping that cup of milk.



If your child hates milk, try to find out the reasons behind it. Some children are lactose intolerant and cannot digest milk. Some hate the smell of it and some just hate it for no reason.

Now let us see why milk is so important. Milk is a very important part of your child’s diet during the first 12 months and also after that. Milk in rich in calcium that is necessary for strong bones and teeth. It also has a good amount of protein and essential fats that are necessary for the growth and development of your child. Milk also provides Vitamin A and B. Considering all these advantages, it is believed that kids should consume milk and it should be a part of their daily regime.

While all this is true, some kids won’t drink milk, come what may. So here are a few healthy options to get your child take the amount of calcium he actually needs.

  • Yogurt is a good alternative to milk. It tastes good and also packed with calcium.
  • Cheese also serves the purpose. Include cheese in their breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Paneer (Cottage Cheese), tofu paneer, soya milk are some more alternatives packed with calcium.
  • Eating an egg a day could also be sufficient for growing kids. Eggs have calcium, protein as well as fats necessary for body growth.
  • Fish, walnuts and almonds are also rich in calcium.

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There are few questions which every mother has. Here are a few of them.

  1. How much milk should my toddler drink?

Toddlers need 1 and half servings of dairy foods. Remember children should not drink more than 500ml milk. Drinking too much milk can make their stomach full and will reduce their appetite. Also excess of calcium intake leads to less absorption of iron.


  1. Myth about milk and mucus.

Many people believe that cow’s milk produces mucus and should be avoided when your child is suffering from cold. Researchers say that cow’s milk does not produce mucus and it is absolutely safe to drink milk when your child has cold.


  1. When should my child start drinking from a cup?

It is advisable to start using a cup from the age of 1 year. Drinking milk from a bottle can lead to tooth decay and ear infections. When your child starts sitting on his own, offer him little water or fruit juice in a cup and encourage him to drink it. Once he is 1 year old, he will be used to drink from the cup.

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  1. Should my child drink milk overnight?

It is not advisable for children to drink milk over night.

Healthy eating habits are to be inculcated in children right from the beginning. Encourage your kids to eat healthy and stay fit.



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