Baby Development

Do you still remember when God gifted you with your bundle of Joy? On day 1 your baby was so tiny and delicate that you were really scared to even hold her in your arms, but time is the best teacher. Soon, a new mom becomes an experienced mother and handles her baby perfectly. Each child is different and achieves milestones at his/ her own pace. Each family has to face some problems while raising their kids. Some problems are unique while some are common for all the parents.

Let us see the step by step physical development of babies from day 1 to 1 year.



Day 1 to 3 Months:

This is the period when your baby sleeps for most of the time. Some infants sleep at night while some sleep during the day. They sleep for almost 16-18 hours a day. It is during this time, that they attempt to hold their head and try to balance it. They also try to turn sideways. They start recognizing their mom and also establish an eye contact. They open and close their mouth and learn to suck. Some children suck their thumb and even their toes. They vigorously kick their legs when they are happy and excited.



3 Months to 6 Months:

In this period most of the babies can support their back and parents can hold them in their arms. Baby now stays awake for more time and tries to interact with you. Now your baby has started identifying you and gives you a smile whenever he/she notices you. Babies can understand colours now and are attracted towards bright colours. Equip your kids with soft and bright coloured toys. But make sure that there are no small detachable parts to the toy as children of this age tend to put everything in their mouth. Children usually sit and crawl during this period.



6 Months to 9 Months:

This is the time when your baby tastes food apart from mother’s milk for the first time. Children of this age have more curiosity towards sounds and colours. They start crawling and try to reach things. Parents have to be more careful as they might have to keep things that are unsafe for kids, away from them. They will also put almost everything and anything in their mouth. Make sure that your house is child proofed. Play some songs or nursery rhymes to soothe your baby, when he/ she seems to be irritated.238f4340-9258-42f4-9d1f-e329b1229e5bbaby-playing


9 Months to 12 Months:

This period is yet another milestone setter in your child’s life. Children make an attempt to stand with support and within no time they learn the art of standing on their little feet and walking. Now there is no looking back. They begin to walk and explore the world around them. Climbing on the chair or sofa and successfully getting down from there is their favorite play. Climbing the stairs also becomes a fun time for them. Make sure that you accompany your kid in his adventures. Somewhere between 6 months to 1 year, you can expect your baby’s first milk teeth. But do not worry if you don’t see a teeth upto 2 years. Some kids get teeth after crossing the age of 1.5 years.


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