7 early signs of pregnancy

Every girl has a dream to be a mother to a baby. Giving birth to a baby is the most precious feeling in this world. No diamond ring or no expensive outfit can beat with this blissful feeling of being a mother. When you keep a track of your periods and you miss one, you come to know you are pregnant. But there are a few early signs of pregnancy, 7 out of 10 women will experience. These early signs will tell you about your pregnancy even before your pregnancy kit shows you those two pink lines.

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I still remember the day when at my office I shouted at my trainee, (there was no reason for me to get angry as it was not a blunder that she did). I was feeling disturbed and disgusted. Then I thought, what made my temper go high?  A very good friend of mine, suggested me to check if I am pregnant.

And yes!!! I really was!!!

There are a few indications/pregnancy symptoms

that your body gives you, when there are some major internal changes happening inside.

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Here are a few of them:

  1. Getting too emotional:

When you start getting too emotional, on even a silliest of a thing, you come to know you are soon going to receive a good news!!! You become too happy or too sad, sometimes you cry for no reason. These emotional changes reveal that you are pregnant.


  1. Head ache, back ache and leg cramps:

Some early signs of pregnancy comprise of severe back ache and frequent head aches especially during the morning. Some women also experience cramps in their legs. These cramps can be very painful and irritating. Give your legs a light massage with warm coconut oil. This might help in reducing the cramps.


  1. Bloated feeling:

During your early pregnancy, you might feel bloated and some women complain of indigestion too. Some women also suffer from constipation.



  1. Frequent urge to urinate:

You might feel to visit the loo every now and then. During this period there are more chances of getting infected with urinary tract infections (UTI). So you have to be a little more careful, if you have to visit a public toilet anytime.


  1. Fatigue:

You might feel tired, sleepy and exhausted, even though you take proper rest and proper sleep. This is because of the hormonal changes that you body is going through. Make sure that you relax and avoid tiresome work.


  1. Change in appetite and strange cravings:

This is yet another early sign of pregnancy. You might feel hungrier or some may experience a decreased appetite. Many strange cravings like for a particular flavour of ice cream or something very spicy can make you go insane.


  1. Feeling different:

These early symptoms are not necessarily the same for all. In short when you are pregnant, you just feel different and something nice which cannot be explained in words.


Like I always say, staying happy is the most important thing in pregnancy because a happy mother gives birth to a healthy child. Refer Pregnancy guide here.




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