5 tips for last month of pregnancy

Wishing all the very best to all the “would be mommies”!!! Your baby will soon arrive. Though there are four more weeks to go, your baby can arrive any time after the beginning of the ninth month. I know, there are mixed feelings in your heart, happiness as well as fear. This month is very crucial as your baby is growing at a faster rate and so is your tummy. Though the big tummy gives you a restless feeling throughout day and night, the joy of being a mom makes you overcome all the restlessness.

Here is a revision of what you should do when you are in the last month of your pregnancy:

  1. See your doctor if you experience pain:

Keep an eye on your baby’s movements. Take medicines and the prescribed medicines on time. If you any pain, immediately rush to the doctor. Follow the advice strictly and most importantly do not take any medicines before consulting the doctor.


  1. Eat properly:

Don’t forget to follow a proper diet. Bank on healthy food. Avoid fried, sweet and fat rich foods which are of no use to you and your baby. Consuming those will just add on to extra calories. If you crave for something sweet, eat dates which are rich in iron and dietary fibre. Eat at short and regular intervals. Drink lot of water.

Pregnancy and nutrition

  1. Sleep well:

Proper sleep is as necessary as proper diet. Sleeping for 7-8 hours at night can help you reduce the fatigue during pregnancy. Discomfort increases, especially in the last month. Proper sleep reduces this discomfort. During the last month you can see swelling on your legs, to get rid of it, use a pillow. Place your legs on the pillow while you sleep.


  1. Avoid exertion:

As during the last month, the baby can announce its arrival at any time, it is better to avoid exerting yourself. Don’t lift any heavy weights and also avoid heavy exercises. Exerting too much can push you at a risk.


  1. Relax and be happy:

Like I said being happy is the most important thing in pregnancy. A happy mother gives birth to a healthy child. Listen to soft music. Don’t put yourself into situations that will bring in anxiety or fear. Your baby can feel your emotions and hence you need to relax, stay calm and happy.



Extra care in this last month will pay you off with a cute little baby. Enjoy motherhood!!

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